social marketing? Know it!

Discover a tool that can help your fashion company and society.

Sales are vital. Without them, the company does not exist. However, they are not all that your fashion firm should pursue.

Yes, the business world not only has among its objectives to be part of a system to generate capital and wealth. With its potential, it can also help change realities for the benefit of those or things that need it most.

Today, companies that take actions and execute work plans with a social eco have greater competitive advantages beyond their products or services.

In terms of marketing, the above part of what is known as "social marketing". As can be found in various specialized sites, the renowned Philip Kotler, called the father of modern marketing, described this branch as the design and implementation of various actions that increase the acceptance of a social cause in certain target groups.

In other words, companies can be the conduit through which a reality changes (or at least begins to change). And with that, contribute to the social improvement of a particular region.

social marketing examples

Companies that decide to join this trend can do so by using their structure: channels, products or operating personnel. For example, some international fast fashion chains have used warehouses to collect used clothing and make donations.

Others receive garments that, over the years, are used as material to be reused for various purposes.

On the other hand, there are some luxury firms that have opted to generate specific and exclusive designs. With the proceeds, organizations that pursue various causes are supported.

There are also organized events with an altruistic accent; catwalks, conferences and sales join efforts to raise funds.

I have a fashion company, where do I start?

  1. Identify a problem in your community or region.
  2. Ask yourself, what actions can I do through my company to reach a solution or generate a change?
  3. Make sure that this strategy is communicated not only to your external clients, but also within the organization.
  4. Your clients and the rest of society can become ambassadors of that cause.

In conclusion, fashion is an industry that can resonate with multiple people. Use that strength to contribute to society and with it, also generate a reputation for your brand as well as real actions to benefit an important cause.

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