Lozzano shone with Intermoda

The high fashion firm presented an unprecedented collection at Fashion Space, the spectacular Intermoda platform

Details, metallic colors and a rain charged with femininity took over Intermoda 74. The last edition of this commercial meeting shone with the proposal by Lozzano, a high fashion firm from Jalisco.

Headed by Edgar Lozzano, this design house was in charge of opening the program with which Fashion Space surprised the fashion scene and members of the industry.

Yes, through a high level production, Fashion Space experienced a second edition full of designers, fashion films, sound experiences and lighting design.

“Alter Ego has been a complete challenge, the collection was quite a challenge because we played with silhouettes that were simpler (…) we all live a new stage of our lives, adapting to new textiles and clothes that lead us to an effect of being simpler in our day to day, much more comfortable”, explained the designer.

Although this unprecedented collection represented an attractive change in Lozzano's proposal, the firm's DNA was present: Designs that bet on the strength of women, empowerment and the universe of seduction from a fashion point of view.

2021: New reality.

In the designer's words, this year he pursues an objective: “Grow, adapt and evolve. Keep forward". Undoubtedly, Lozzano has already achieved it.


Av. Rubén Dario 1377-A


Cell. 3310053052

Instagram: @edgarlozzano / @lozzanomx

Facebook: @edgar.lozzano

Intermoda 75: It awaits you with all the fashion

From the Lady Pavilion to the Trending Pavilion, Intermoda 75 will bring together multiple options in fashion products. From July 20 to 23, do safe business at Intermoda.

Register here: https://bit.ly/38gQ8Mn

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