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Intermoda's Fashion Space: The place where great designers dazzle

Intermoda is the fashion business platform that has adapted to the new reality, with avant-garde and innovation. Proof of it is Fashion Space.

On this platform, a selection of designers and exclusive brands such as Ibraina have successfully presented their collections. The reason? Its hybrid format that combines physical exhibitions with the projection of fashion films as well as the transmission of the entire experience.

Headed by designer Fabio Toñanez, Ibraina is the fashion firm that conceptualizes the architecture of unique garments and incorporates the beauty of handmade fabrics.

During the 74th edition of Intermoda, this brand dazzled in Fashion Space with the presentation of Hemisferios, a collection full of beauty that brought together part of the firm's DNA: feminine empowerment and artisan accent.

With a color palette full of warmth, the collection's designs are loaded with feminine inspiration, from the docile aspects to the most combative. On the other hand, an equestrian DNA, safari and passion for nature was also present throughout the delivery.

Relive the experience!

If you want to relive Ibraina's experience at Intermoda 74's Fashion Space, we invite you to discover her fashion film and details of her Hemispheres collection here.

Straight to Ibraina

Discover the universe of this Argentine firm at www.ibraina.com

Fashion Space: Unmissable

The 75th edition of Intermoda will once again surprise you with multiple proposals in Fashion Space. Do not miss it from July 20 to 23 at Expo Guadalajara, register and get your badge here: https://bit.ly/38gQ8Mn

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