Your company colors

From advertising to corporate communication, tones convey messages to your customers.

Specialists in matters such as marketing, communication and advertising specifically, know that the use of colors is essential when you want to achieve a connection with the client.

Yes, choosing the right color for our project can -really- increase sales. This is due to a specific reason: People react to colors, as they are stimuli that cause purchase motives.

In other words, the color you choose for your new fashion product, collection, website, social media artwork, or even advertising campaign will be decisive for your success.

The recommendation?

This comes in two ways. On the one hand, when we talk about clothing, accessories or footwear, it is essential to investigate the color ranges offered by current trends or trend forecasts. A color in tune with design trends undoubtedly becomes a powerful sales tool.

On the other hand, when we talk about company communication as well as corporate strategies, knowing the meaning of colors is vital. In conclusion, each color offers values ​​and awakens sensations in the client. Ask yourself, what do you want to transmit as a company?

Let's review some of the most relevant...


Be careful with this color. Its strength is unquestionable and invites the viewer to act as desired. It can communicate passion, sensuality, warmth, and even violence or emergency.


One of the most vibrant colors out there. It is related to youth, joy or warmth. If it is combined with other colors, for example black or pink, it generates great contrasts.


Nature, care for the environment, freshness and calm are some of the concepts associated with the color green.


Experts understand blue as a color that speaks of wisdom, experience, and even professionalism.


Elegance is one of the first meanings of this hue. High-end or luxury products find a powerful ally in it.


In fashion it is an ideal color, as it speaks of femininity, complicity and self-love, values ​​that find a place in that industry.

Although the above is not an absolute rule, we recommend that you approach your communication, design or supplier work team for each of the actions that involve the use of colours. Much success!

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