The time has come: specialize!

Differentiation will allow you to attract specific markets

The fashion industry, like other sectors, faces multiple challenges worldwide. One of the most important is innovation in value propositions that allow a powerful differentiation among its competitors.

To achieve this, a powerful tool is specialization. And it is that in a market that is saturated, being original is a business opportunity.

Explained in another way, specialization becomes a successful bet for consolidated entrepreneurs and businessmen who seek to have a greater impact within the universe of transactions.

How does it work? It is about offering a product that is different from the others or a unique service or added value. For example, maybe you sell shoes like thousands of other entrepreneurs, but your customer service has a guaranteed response time of less than 10 hours or shipping is free on digital purchases.

If you want more examples, imagine that you sell women's clothing. Perhaps you offer specific discounts for new buyers, you work only with Mexican suppliers, you distinguish yourself by incorporating alternative or artisan materials, betting on labor belonging to vulnerable communities or simply, you characterize yourself by delivering your pieces in personalized packaging or made with recycled material .

You see it? Specialization goes beyond just offering a specific product or with certain characteristics, it can be present as added value in different strategies that can attract the buyer's attention and, later, generate a loyal customer.

Ask yourself what you can specialize in and distinguish yourself... let's get to work!

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