Leadership: Path to success.

A tool to boost your business within fashion and your entrepreneurial mind.

Leading a work team, promoting a business, leading a social group, being a change agent and more. These and multiple concepts in the professional or personal scheme are regularly related to leadership.

On the other hand, there are those who associate leadership with power. In other words, the ability to take control of a situation or design the course of things; a leadership that speaks from the possibilities that a certain position grants.

Of course, leadership is also associated with success. But what relationship does leadership have with your fashion company?

Before answering this question, it must be made clear that leadership is not exclusive to a few. In reality, leadership has a universal character and, above all, multiple perspectives.

During her recent participation as a speaker at Intermoda 75, Eva Hughes , a renowned expert in the fashion industry and CEO of Adira Consulting , spoke about it at the conference: Leadership, the key to success for fashion companies .

With great inspiration for thousands of people who have connected to see her talk at Intermoda since then, Eva explained that leadership requires -above all- making decisions, finding solutions and also being yourself.

He explained that there is no successful growth without learning, he invited to listen before deciding, observe, manage emotions and even train in habits. Yes, characteristics of the leader.

In the words of Eva Hughes, leadership "is a journey that requires constantly stepping forward and ensuring that everyone around you can also walk forward, take their own steps."

Eva explained that fashion, like other industries, can be understood as a mountain. To be a successful leader, that mountain must be walked with an entrepreneurial mind that believes in commitment, dreams, challenges and much more.

If you lead an established fashion company or a startup just beginning its journey, how do you navigate this mountain to the top? We invite you to learn more in this magisterial conference here.

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