The oldest brands

We present fashion brands with years of history. Enjoy this time travel!

Fashion is a reflection of changes in humanity. Through it we can express ourselves and function in a specific context of time, for this reason, today we honor those emblematic fashion firms that opened their doors to stay throughout the decades. Some are still open...

Brooks Brothers

It is said to be the oldest fashion house in all of America. In 2020, it faced one of its biggest crises by closing dozens of stores, however, no one forgets that it has opened its doors for more than 200 years (since 1818!) and that it has dressed 40 United States presidents in its famous ready-to-wear suits. to be used.


This French brand has belonged to the luxury sector since its foundation in 1837. Today it is positioned as one of the most respected brands worldwide and where talents, including renowned designer Martin Margiela, have passed through its ranks for its creative direction.

Mellerio dits Meller

It is the oldest jewelry house in Paris and probably in the entire world. Located in an exclusive area of ​​the City of Light, right on Rue de la Paix, it opened its store in 1815 and 15 years later, the family firm had already become a supplier to various European monarchs. The brand continues in 2022.


We have all loved them. Your label exists in virtually any closet. Yes, these jeans and their sister denim products have been going strong since 1853, the year Bavarian-born Levi Strauss arrived in San Francisco to begin marketing what is now a veritable fashion empire. denim.


And the fashion stories could go on. What brand would you like us to remember?

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