The emotions of Yeshua Herrera

The designer from Hidalgo filled Intermoda 75's Fashion Space with color. Get to know his Vita Capa collection.

"I want to reflect the detachment that I experienced in my life at a certain moment (...) I turned to myself and realized that there were many things to do", with this confession this Mexican creative welcomed the visitors of Intermoda 75 who were appointment to see his work, last July.

His collection, under the name Vita Capa, was one of the presentations that made up the extensive program of Fashion Space: the first hybrid fashion platform that during the last three editions of Intermoda has functioned as a spectacular showcase for designers and exclusive firms to present collections.

Yeshua Herrera's presentation brought together garments characterized by a language that projected sweetness, but also absolute strength through experimentation with different silhouettes and multiple details thanks to the use of natural fibers.

"Generally, the collections are inspired by emotions or very specific moments that can convey everything that design represents for me, that can be told through color, textures and shapes," he shared.

Among the pieces, deliveries with beautiful embroidery and different layers stood out. In his words, the designer said that part of his work has been to empower women with subtlety and femininity in fashion.

Relive Yeshua Herrera's presentation at Intermoda 75's Fashion Space, by clicking here .

More information? Visit their website here.

All the fashion at Intermoda 76!

From January 18 to 21, 2022, Intermoda returns with an edition full of fashion companies and, of course, a program of activities that includes the fourth installment of Fashion Space.

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