the streets inspire

The streets inform the entire fashion industry

Gone are the years where the big luxury brands became the authorities that directed the trends. While they are still an important source of information, the reality of 2022 is very different from what once inspired creatives and producers around the world.

After the consolidation of globalization and, above all, the absolute use of social networks, this exciting sector has a supreme leader: the street. Yes, in the everyday is where the links in the industry find their true inspiration.

The cities (not only the so-called fashion capitals) and their passers-by are the ones that currently govern the market. In other words, users are the focus of attention of brands worldwide; regardless of the target, now independent firms, international chains and department stores must watch and listen to the entire population.

How do you behave? What do you want? What are your aspirations? What worries and excites you? What motivates you? What do you buy and why do you buy it? What do you publish on digital platforms? These are questions that we (producers, creatives and fashion marketers) must ask ourselves every day to answer what interests us the most: what did you see and why did you see it?

The recommendation

Before starting a fashion business or launching a new product or collection on the market, we recommend applying one of the most basic market research strategies: observation.

Yes, look at your consumer and potential customers. Go out into the street, go to shopping centers, get on public transport, visit key places in your city and, of course, participate in specialized fairs in the fashion sector such as Intermoda 78 (from January 17 to 20, 2023). Observation will give you important information to make decisions.

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