The designer talks about Intermoda, his goals and the new Ethereum collection.

After his participation in Intermoda 74, in an interview, the designer answers our questions.

You recently presented your Ethereum collection at Intermoda. How did you live the experience in Fashion Space?

"It was incredible. Many of us were eager to get out of the routine to which we have had to adhere (...) it was an interesting project due to the solutions that Intermoda found to develop the event, since it is a priority for the reactivation of the economy in the fashion sector”.

How was the creative process of your recent collection?

“It was developed in the midst of the pandemic and the inspiration is the ethereal, elements that make no sense but at the same time generate a particular aesthetic in our eyes (…) there is a relationship with decentralized currency, which is impacting the world.”

Design has led you to countless projects. What do you enjoy most about your work?

“Definitely design, do creativity.”

During your participation in IM Talks, you mentioned the importance of chasing dreams and inspiring. What is your closest dream in fashion?

“Normally I make plans for 5 or 10 years. The pandemic has not given me the opportunity to do so, but I am looking for the formulas to implement and get ahead, so although I do not have a specific dream, I do have goals to achieve.

The impact of the brand in other countries and resuming exhibition issues as well as marketing is something that interests me a lot. I think that would be a dream to come true, in addition to having excellent service in our online stores and excellent production capacity. ”.

In your experience, what is the main challenge of fashion design in Mexico?

“Partnering as an industry is a challenge; It is important that we can add to each other's careers, looking for incentives and support. It is a good time to collaborate, share suppliers, knowledge, fairs, spaces and everything that can add up”.

You have participated in national and international projects. In your opinion, how is Mexican fashion perceived abroad?

“Mexico has a great opportunity to project itself in the international public. There is a lot of design, quality and capacity, but we need to take the step. Obviously it is a difficult time to be able to implement it because many borders are closed, the ability to travel, contact new people, find that communication to achieve a business relationship. But the public and the capacity to achieve it do exist”.

Did you know…

Anuar Layón has more than 14 years of experience and is the creative director of the brands Mexico is the shit, Prima Volta, SadBoy, White Tag and Mercadorama Custom. At Intermoda 74 he was an exhibitor at Designers Corner, a speaker at IM Talks and presented his new Ethereum collection at Fashion Space.

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