Fashion: Big industry.

What makes a business and a global value chain fashionable?
Fashion is a sector that excites. We see it in specialized magazines, movies, catwalks and impressive sideboards. In addition to the echo that the media and social networks generate for its dissemination, fashion is a great industry.
Because? Well, to answer that question we can review some aspects that confirm its business relevance and even give us the various contexts in which as businessmen, designers and entrepreneurs we can join it.
previous production
For a garment, footwear or accessory to take shape, there are multiple previous processes. In this phase we can consider the plantations that produce natural materials as well as the factories where other raw materials are generated, including textiles, fibers, buttons, as well as general supplies. Of course, innovation and more sustainable processes are practically mandatory today for those who work in this phase of the fashion sector.
The details
Industrial in nature, this production contemplates a series of talents: from designers to those who explore new processes.
Characteristics of the garments such as the volume, the finishes, the patterns, the colors and more. In other words, the raw material is transformed into materials that can already begin to be worked under a language more focused on the interests of the companies that operate for the final consumer.
ready sideboards
A mixture of protagonists shape this phase. For example, the companies that buy the raw materials mentioned above and those that manufacture the garments to later place them on the market.
Wholesale producers, department chains, boutiques and more are part of the final process.
Value chain
In addition to production and marketing, fashion also generates multiple direct or indirect jobs: photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, advertising agencies, modeling agencies, marketing agencies, publicity agencies, trend agencies, and many more.
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