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Intermoda's Fashion Space is a surprising and unique platform. know her.

Vanguard and innovation are two words that define Intermoda, the most relevant fashion business platform in all of Latin America. One of the strongest examples to reaffirm the above is Fashion Space .

What is it?

It is a hybrid platform, the first in all of Latin America, which provides exposure to designers as well as exclusive brands. In other words, it is a forceful positioning tool that is carried out within Intermoda.

Thanks to technology, Fashion Space not only has a face-to-face reach, but also a digital one: It has more than 300,000 users on digital platforms.

A fashion experience

Fashion Space has a top-level fashion production. It brings together the highest technology in streaming, as well as a true visual spectacle thanks to huge screens, sound design, musicalization, lighting design and a language full of style: mannequins and models combine to offer a fashionable performance in each presentation.

Unique personality

Fashion Space is an amazing experience both for on-site and digital users, as well as for the designers or firms that star in each performance. The reason? The presentations are never the same, that is, the performance is designed according to the personality of each brand and collection that is made known.

Firms like Benito Santos, Abel López, No Name Studio, LOB and many more have shone in this space.

Live the experience!

If you still do not have your access to Intermoda, get it today at no cost. Sign up here.
Fashion Space awaits you from July 12 to 15 at the 77th edition of Intermoda.
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