The most important decision

Your customer finally makes a purchase. Know the stages of this process.

The fashion industry is fascinating. From the transformation of the raw material to the launch of an entire collection; The process to publicize a product is extensive and the competition in the market is even greater.

For this reason, today we want to emphasize a crucial issue for companies that belong to the fashion sector: the purchase decision made by the consumer. Have you wondered what are the steps your client goes through up to that moment?

Today we will review each of them.

I love you!

Your client recognizes a need. You are looking for a product that you want to sell in your boutique, department store, website or personal project. Once that awakening happens, the process will begin. Take note: This stage can arise through advertising, therefore, it is important that you keep your marketing strategies active.

The search

Your buyer will turn to different “information sources”. From the most general to the specific ones; Ideally, your company should belong to the most important sources, that is, suppliers. Participating in specialized fairs such as Intermoda, without a doubt, places you within them.


Once your fashion company becomes a potential supplier for your client, it is time to publicize each of the attributes you have. That is, accentuate aspects such as design, price, delivery times and of course service.

The client will review each of the aspects and, above all, give their opinion on what gives value to your company.

Think (and make) the purchase

It is the last stage. Your client has added each of the purchase intentions, reviewed their motivations and of course, the strengths of your company or product.

In this last process, you can face multiple factors, therefore, it is important to carry out an accompaniment to clarify any doubts and invite you to make the purchase.

If you finally do it, don't forget: The follow-up that you provide later will be essential for the buyer to return and become your true client.

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