The commitment to Mexican design

 Consuming what is made in Mexico is important. Acquiring designer pieces is inspiring. We tell you why.

 The next time you decide to buy a new garment, we invite you to do the following exercise: Look for something made in our country. The reason? There are multiple benefits behind that purchase.

Consuming fashion products made in Mexico represents:

  • Contribute to the national economy.
  • Promote economic reactivation
  • Market strengthening.
  • Add to the textile-clothing industry.
  • Being part of a broad value chain of the fashion sector and other sectors that are directly or indirectly related.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a greater added value, acquiring garments belonging to a design firm is the answer. Because? The answer is broad:

  • You promote national talent
  • Strengthen ventures that can become solid companies
  • Additions to job creation
  • You buy garments with a greater aesthetic proposal and of course, history and inspiration from the creatives who shaped it.
  • You will consume more exclusive, creative and contemporary fashion
  • In some cases, you buy products that are more environmentally friendly or that were created under more friendly and alternative processes.

And to fill you with inspiration, we invite you to discover the beauty of Mexican design with an exclusive presentation by The Fashion Group International of Mexico City collective at Fashion Space at IM75.

Relive his presentation, clicking here.

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