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The British monarchy is one of the most publicized and the global curiosity for its jewelry shows it.

Elizabeth II became an international symbol of the United Kingdom and despite her 70-year reign, she always remained true to her style. For this reason, today we focus our attention on some pieces of jewelry that accompanied him in historical moments or in his day-to-day life:

Saint Edward's Crown

In 1952 and after the death of her father, King George VI, Elizabeth was named queen dressed in a spectacular dress designed by Norman Hartnell. However, the crown takes the breath away; It is one of the most relevant jewels due to its protocol meaning, since it is only used for coronations; It is called “Corona San Eduardo”, it is made thanks to a gold structure, of course, seasoned with an infinity of precious and semi-precious stones.

the brooches

Jewelry is not only special for its monetary value thanks to the metals that compose it, but also for the properties that are given to the stones. And it is that there are those who affirm that these are true energy of protection. Perhaps this is why Queen Elizabeth always wore a brooch at the height of her heart? The truth is that they are a complement of style and of course, elegance.

The Vladimir Tiara

Yes, it was one of his favorites. We don't blame her, this object of desire has an incredible history: it belonged to the Romanov family and thanks to the many monarch owners (including Maria Pavlovna of Russia), it has a mechanism that allows you to change its components: from beautiful pearls to brilliant emeralds.

Elizabeth II used it on multiple occasions, so finding photographs throughout her life with this land shows that jewels are a treasure that prevails from generation to generation.

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