A solid company characterized by innovative denim proposals

In the Intermoda pavilions there are companies with extensive experience in the fashion industry. One of them is Jeanswest, because since it was born at the beginning of the nineties, it has traced a solid trajectory in our country.

Founded in Guadalajara, the company is based on an organizational culture focused on values ​​such as respect, teamwork and productivity.

Proposal? Endless options for the men's and women's market, especially in denim, their main product. Among the pieces most sought after by its customers are pants, shorts, skirts, vests and jackets.

In addition, it highlights the ability that the company has to offer new products. And it is that every month, Jeanswest expands its catalogue, characterized by avant-garde designs that opt ​​for a youthful style.

Undoubtedly, marketing your models means offering products that are current and under the most accepted trends in the current market.

“Our vision is to guide and support our clients with experience in fashion, quality, variety of designs and innovation, through different business models; That is why large prestigious brands choose us as their best option”, explains the team.

Present as an Intermoda exhibiting company for more than 30 years, Jeanswest is clear about its plans for this 2021:

"Continue growing in the denim and raincoat market, both in the traditional market and in E-Commerce to meet the needs of our customers," they share with emotion.


Telephone: 0152 3686 1864 / 3686 1871 / 3686 1879

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