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What style of pants should you market?

It is one of the most sought after and sold garments of all time. Its comfort, practicality and functionality make it a pillar for anyone's wardrobe: jeans or jeans.

For the most part, made of resistant denim, they have positioned themselves within the fashion industry at an international level thanks to the push of well-known (and historical) firms, such as the North American Levi's (since 1853!).

Therefore, today we place the magnifying glass on these pieces and the models that are generally the most accepted by the market:

regular fit

It refuses to disappear. It is preferred by gentlemen when looking for a relaxed look. Its cut is straight and it is the evolution of a classic that never fails in sales.


Both men and women wear it. It can be combined with boots or sports shoes and even with more relaxed tops, so it allows you to play with the limelight. Of course, after the furor over the broader cuts, they have lost strength without disappearing completely.


It is one of our favorite styles. If what you are looking for is total spaciousness, this cannot be missing in the closet; the recommendation is that the waist be of the ideal size, so that the cut of these pants will fall downwards in all its splendor; You can complement the look with shoes to give height or even tennis shoes or sneakers for a more urban look.

Which ones should you sell?

The answer is: all. In the middle of 2022, trends do not go unnoticed and must be followed. However, individuality and the richness of styles have never been so alive. The market demands all possible diversity; If your clients bet on trends and novelties, include the newest cuts, but don't forget those who prefer discreet pieces or in which they feel comfortable.

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Adriana Padilla

Buenas tardes , como puedo contactar a proveedore de ropa ? Gracias

Adriana Padilla

Buenas tardes , como puedo contactar a proveedore de ropa ? Gracias

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