We take care of health in the economic reactivation of the fashion industry

Looking for new ways of doing things is essential in this new reality full of challenges. The fashion sector, like other industries, has been affected in various ways and therefore, Intermoda reaffirms its commitment to economic recovery.

To achieve this, the Organizing Committee of this business meeting has prioritized the health of both exhibitors and buyers.

How? Through the application of a series of health safety protocols that are a world reference. In addition, maintaining constant dialogue with government authorities has allowed us to comply with each of the established measures, as well as socialize them with exhibitors, buyers and suppliers.

Before opening its doors, Intermoda is the protagonist of an assembly that requires the sanitization of the materials and products that will be exhibited.

In addition, the air conditioning of Expo Guadalajara, the venue where Intermoda takes shape, is strengthened with nanotechnology (antiviral coating with prolonged effect Ax-L).

On the other hand, we invite attendees to print their badges in advance to avoid physical contact once they arrive at this business meeting.

Although all protocols are essential, the use of face masks is one of the most important. Mandatory, this element has become a complement to our clothing and the recommendation we make to all attendees is that it be KN95 without a valve or surgical.

It is important to mention that the access to the exhibition has capacity control in real time, through a traffic light placed at the main access. Of course, the installation of tunnels and sanitation cabins is also present.

Another of the points that we want to share with you is the application of the Ax-L cream to all the people who enter Intermoda. This cream has technology that eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria for a long time, of course, there are also antibacterial gel dispensers at different points in the venue.

In addition, among the most relevant protocols are also the nightly sanitization of the exhibition floor, the hybrid experience in conferences, fashion exhibitions or business appointments, as well as the widest and one-way corridors to promote healthy distance.

Yes, Intermoda is a safe experience. If your goal is to do business and reactivate your economy, we invite you to visit us in the next edition from July 20 to 23.

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