Innovation...more than ideas

Improving products, services and processes in your company, as well as generating new business models, is possible.

In a changing world, sometimes prior knowledge of things can represent an obstacle and not a success. In the business context, it sometimes happens due to changing markets, customers with new needs, innovative ways of marketing and endless challenges that arise every day.

Although the knowledge provided by the years is a security element for businesses, innovation today is an urgent tool for all processes. Therefore, being willing to change is a preponderant lesson today.

In this sense, innovation cannot remain at the level of ideas. On the contrary, the challenge is to turn that information into successful and sustained business. Beyond creativity, you should reflect on business strategies: what is good for your company? Does that idea really benefit your customers?, etc.

Yes, differentiation is built over time. In other words, it is important to maintain sustained innovation.

The specialist Jorge Peralta, founder of Idearia Lab, a Mexican agency dedicated to innovation, the development of strategic plans for the organization, training focused on a disruptive mindset, among other services, reflects on this.

As a speaker at IM Talks at the recent 75th edition of Intermoda, Peralta offered the talk "Return to growth with innovation tools."

We invite you to click here to relive this specialized conference aimed at businessmen in the fashion sector.

Bet on innovation

If you have a solid company in the fashion market, it is time to ask yourself what is the life span of your current business model. Although it is important to preserve its core part, thinking and executing new ideas will allow you to refresh, maintain and, of course, innovate your business proposal. In the best of cases, generate other possibilities.

The specialists are coming

Get ready because from January 18 to 21, 2022, Intermoda 76 will bring together various experts from the fashion sector or from other trenches that add to the fashion industry. The IM Talks program is coming soon!


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