Powerful Images: Higher Sales!

Product photography is an effective tool to promote and sell your business proposal.

Images are part of our daily routine. From the moment we leave the house until we decide to sleep, we are exposed to countless visual impacts: Up to 5,000 daily, according to experts.

Content on social networks like Instagram or Facebook, digital or print advertisements (the city is full of them), magazines, billboards, screens and much more.

Yes, we live in a visual culture. Therefore, photography is an effective tool that cannot go unnoticed by your company. Today, on World Photography Day , we emphasize the importance of product photography for firms in the fashion sector.

their strengths

Good product photography can help advertise and position your business proposal in a forceful way among your potential customers. Its characteristics allow an approach to the details of the commercial product: clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, accessories, etc.

Of course, be careful. It will be best to approach a lens professional or, if you have the correct equipment, consider the following tips to achieve a good product image:

  • Good lighting:

Natural light will be a great ally, although you must act quickly due to its constant changes as the day progresses. For its part, artificial lighting will help you work more calmly and above all, manipulate the points of light on your fashion product.

  • Play with textures:

Your product must also tell a story, that is, be in a context. Although images with a white or black background can help you with electronic marketing or catalogs, nowadays, it is important to combine your products with textures, colored backgrounds, etc. They will take another life!

  • Composition and scale:

Play with the arrangement of your pieces, try to balance the image and identify the strongest visual points. Of course, don't forget that scale is important. Although it is a product photograph, an exaggerated scale can confuse your client about the actual or approximate size of the proposal.

Are you an exhibitor at Intermoda 76?

Product photography will be a great ally.

During these months, prior to the 76th edition that will take place from January 18 to 21, 2022, take the opportunity to generate successful product photographs.

We recommend using them in your social networks, in the designs that will give life to your stand, web page and begin to position your commercial proposal that customers will be able to find at your stand.

If you still do not have your stand, it is time to make your contract. Get in touch with our commercial team:

co.comercial@intermoda.com.mx / (33) 3122.4499 Ext.234

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