Made in Mexico? Good decision

Consuming national fashion has countless benefits.

With around 300,000 formal jobs in Mexico, the fashion sector represents a broad industry to which designers, manufacturers, wholesale buyers, and retailers belong, as well as a powerful chain that also includes talents such as: photographers, stylists, digital designers, among others. profiles.

The foregoing, for some years ago, has been strengthening the concept of "Made in Mexico" thanks to commercialization, communication and marketing strategies that have been formalized, along with fashion products with sufficient quality to compete in a global scale.

Yes, the fashion scene is, today, an unquestionable purchase option with tangible benefits.

A solid system

With decades of experience, Intermoda has positioned itself as the largest and most important fashion business platform in Latin America. Its 78th edition will take place from January 17 to 20, 2023 , expecting to receive more than 21 thousand buyers (you can already register and get your free access here ).

Added to this great business model is a solid manufacturing and marketing system, since in Mexico there are different states and areas dedicated to the production of the fashion universe. For example, suffice it to say that leather footwear is one of León's strengths and that Jalisco has a strong clothing proposal for various market levels, as well as a more than brilliant jewelry industry.

creativity for everyone

High fashion by renowned designers found in different parts of the Mexican Republic is a reality; Names like Benito Santos, Julia y Renata, Lydia Lavín, Alfredo Martínez, Abel López, Ángel Grave, Paulina Luna, Jonathan Morales, Carlos Pineda, Kris Goiry, among many others, represent Mexican creativity in its entirety under contemporary designs.

Other market opportunities include trends in urban fashion, casual clothing, specializing in accessories, and much more.

positioned market

Contemporary or traditional jewelry? Denim fashion? Ceremony pieces such as wedding dresses or XV years? Making gowns? A guayabera? Uniforms? Garments with handmade motifs? Yes, the list could go on, the clothing market in Mexico has a solid structure that, beyond trends, remains current and above all, active. Thus generating countless jobs and economic benefits.

The benefits

If the above were not enough, we would like to end this reflection with some of the most significant benefits of buying fashion products made in Mexico:

  • The national economy benefits when products are manufactured and purchased within Mexican territory.
  • Fashion companies are sources of employment.
  • By supporting recently created ventures or positioned companies with years of experience, you not only boost their managers, but also the value chain behind each one of them.
  • Wearing a Mexican garment (design or industrial) makes you an ambassador of national quality and creativity. With this, you also add to arouse the interest of national and foreign buyers in Mexican fashion.


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