Gucci: Key Moments

An Italian fashion firm that inspires industry, cinema and fashion lovers.

There are fashion brands that have earned the recognition and respect of millions of people around the world. And they have done so for decades. One of them is Gucci, an Italian brand that has captivated since its opening more than 100 years ago.

Today we gather 10 key moments in its history that you should know:

  1. It was founded in Florence in 1921 by the prestigious Italian designer Guccio Gucci.
  2. During the early years, Gucci began to gain fame for its impeccable leather craftsmanship.
  3. Its internationalization came in 1953 thanks to the opening of a branch in New York, by then the brand already had stores in different European cities.
  4. In 1995, Maurizio Gucci was murdered at the entrance to his office. He was the heir to this dynasty. In addition to the media coup, this marked the end of an era for the brand.
  5. It was also during the 1990s, when Tom Ford, an American designer, joined their ranks as creative director and represented an extremely positive resurgence for the brand and a contemporary turn that is still remembered in the specialized media.
  6. Gucci's new style was celebrated by multiple connoisseurs and celebrities, including Madonna, who was experiencing one of her best moments in the late 1990s and wore the brand's outfits.
  7. After Ford's departure, other talents joined later. Among them the Italian Alessandro Michele, who was promoted as creative director in 2015.
  8. In 2011, Gucci opened its first luxury store dedicated to children in New York. Marking the entrance to a new specific market.
  9. In 2021 and under the direction of Ridley Scott, the film House of Gucci told the story of the Gucci family. Lady Gaga and Adam Driver were part of the cast.
  10. Launched in the summer of 2022, Gucci Pet is the latest collection from this Italian luxury firm. Yes, products dedicated to beloved pets

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