Build It Now: Brand Mantra

The fashion company will need it for its employees, buyers, and more.

Although it might seem like a similar concept to “brand essence”, it has a different definition and purpose. The mantras allow companies to determine how their collaborators and suppliers should present the brand abroad.

Yes, both buyers and the general public must understand -under the same concept- all the efforts of the company that offers products or services within the fashion industry.

But then what is a brand mantra? Well, we can start from a concept made up of 3, 5 or perhaps a group of few words with a clear idea: to reflect its reason for being.

For example, Disney's mantra is "family entertainment," while Nike's mantra is "authentic sports performance." This has allowed them to have a very clear filter on what licenses to grant, with whom to make alliances, what movie scripts to authorize or what the characteristics of their staff will be like in the theme parks, the same for the sports firm: what materials to use, how the products should be, what an advertising campaign will look for, etc.

Yes, a company's mantra must be durable and not flexible, that is, easily adhere to all direct and indirect projects for the brand. In other words, your DNA on a global scale.

According to marketing specialists such as Kotler himself, a brand mantra must have criteria such as communicating (transmitting the qualities of the company), being simple (as simple as it is powerful to always remember it) and, of course, inspiring workers.

Let's do it! Write no more than three words that define the spirit of your brand, ask yourself what is the reason for your fashion brand (beyond selling) and how you would like your company to be perceived by the whole world. That's your brand mantra! Don't let go…ever.

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