Photographs? Increase your sales!

Images are part of marketing strategies that cannot go unnoticed.

The fashion industry is one of the most visual. Selling clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry or other products requires compelling and, above all, inspiring photographs for the market.

Therefore, today's blog aims to help you make better decisions about the type of images that you should include in your social networks, catalog (digital or printed), as well as point of sale or online store.

Product photography

Perhaps the most important. These kinds of images allow you to accentuate the characteristics of the product you sell, therefore, they regularly include a white background.

Although the recommendation is that you go with a professional team, a photography specialist, if for some reason you will be the one who takes the images, make sure to take care of aspects such as lighting, focus and, of course, composition.

If you sell jewelry or shoes, the approach is practically mandatory. If, on the other hand, you sell garments, you can do some zooming or angles that allow you to visualize the garment in its entirety.


Regularly, these images include larger and more representative pieces. Sometimes these are product lines that may or may not be for sale, but that allow you to offer a visual hook to grab attention or introduce your brand to the consumer's mind.

Most of this kind of photography includes models and can take place in a "magical" atmosphere. In other words, a reality where your product is the protagonist.

look book

Having photographs where the product is placed on models will allow your client to know how it works and, above all, how it looks on.

We recommend that the backgrounds be as clean as possible and if you are going to add any decoration, make sure that it is not more striking than the garment, since it should be the protagonist.

Social networks

On Instagram and Facebook, more "relaxed" images are important. Regularly, they bring together various product lines and together generate looks that provide the possibility for your client to make better purchasing decisions by combining colors, textures, etc.

Humanize your products

A combination of product photography and look book. Place your product lines on models. It is important to tell a story, the exterior can help you find inspiration.

The overall recommendation?

Approach a specialized team. Using photographers, modeling agencies, fashion coordinators, and other talent will help you create a competitive image. It is an investment that can add sales and prestige to your fashion project.

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