Business evolution

Digital transformation is imminent for fashion companies.

Regardless of the sector to which it belongs or the level at which the companies are, digitization is an obligatory word for permanence, as well as the commercial evolution that today demands.

The fashion industry, of course, is not far behind and embraces this term. The reason? Maybe more than one. The pandemic, being the last detonator, has pushed us to look for new ways of doing things or to combine them with traditional business models that require transformation.

Like the fashion giants, from fast fashion chains to the big high fashion houses, digitizing processes has brought multiple benefits to companies in this industry, regardless of their stage.

For example, saving operating costs, communicating and listening to your customers through digital platforms, implementing programs that improve your production, researching current market needs in real time, improving processes, approaching sustainable issues, presenting collections with a greater impact. And a long etcetera.

Another of the benefits of digitalization is the approach with short, medium and long-term clients. That is to say, the online presence of companies allows future clients to find the services, trajectory and even opinions on the products or services that they offer.

The digital scope cannot be forgotten either. Through digital platforms it is possible to present fashion products to customers from other cities and even countries.

The possibilities are endless. If you have a fashion company, analyze its stage and its business model. Ask yourself, how can you digitize processes and strengthen your face-to-face scheme through it? The result will be fruitful.

Exhibitions also evolve

Intermoda has been a pioneer in this. Undoubtedly, this fashion business trade meeting -the safest and most important in Latin America- is a world benchmark for its hybrid scheme of conferences, fashion exhibitions and business appointments.

Find out in its 76th edition from January 18 to 21, 2022.

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