Undertake? Yes do it

Starting your own fashion business has multiple benefits.

If you have a business idea that excites you and, above all, you consider that it has enough potential to penetrate the fashion market, perhaps it is time to make decisions.

In recent years, Mexico has experienced an awakening in terms of entrepreneurship. More and more people are deciding to start their own business model.

And it is that undertaking will allow you, among other things:

  • Walk towards professional success.
  • Join efforts for your personal fulfillment.
  • Generate more income.
  • Push for your economic stability.
  • Potentiate your creativity.
  • Promote job creation.
  • Actively participate in the local economy (and at a national or even international moment).
  • Manage your own schedule.

We know that undertaking is not an easy path and that sometimes things do not turn out as expected or at the times we consider to be correct. However, there are no goals achieved without a first step. So don't hesitate, the time is now.

Start in Intermoda

If you have a recently created project (maximum 5 years), the most relevant fashion business exhibition in all of Latin America has an option for you: Emprende IM.

This platform is aimed at those enterprises that seek to produce industrially in the medium or long term. With a key location within the fair, access to training by specialists and a special price at the stand with 80% support, Emprende IM is a unique opportunity that has already seen multiple companies take off.

Meet and participate in the call! Know the bases in this link and register before November 7th.

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