The power of the logo

It is a first step to distinguish yourself from the competition. 

The logo is a fundamental part of a company's visual identity; the characteristics of a signature must be represented and summarized through different tools that include: colors, fonts, images, styles, etc.

Within that visual universe, is the logo.

This is defined as the graphic symbol of a company, brand or product, and sometimes becomes the only letter of introduction (for example, when companies are aimed at a wholesale audience or offer supplies or other services that are not aimed at the final public).

If your fashion project does direct its efforts to the end customer, the logo will become a powerful ally within your communication strategies. Practically, it must be present in each one of them or, well, part of it.

For all of the above, we have listed a series of recommendations that will help you make better decisions regarding its development and use:

A reflection of your brand

The logo will help you to make known what personality your company has. Serious, fresh, youthful or elegant? The possibilities are endless.

Unique and unrepeatable

Think that you should distinguish yourself from the competition. It will be the first face with which your customers will be able to identify you.

The power of simplicity

The logos that have been designed with simplicity and visual character, will allow you to generate a product that is digestible for the eye, that is, it does not require so many elements to surprise and reveal the identity of your fashion project.

Approach a professional

Although there are platforms for generating logos or your creativity has invited you to design it yourself, we recommend you approach a graphic designer. A professional will generate a logo that can be used in different applications (taking care of the scales) and above all, with a long life. Think that a logo should look good despite the passage of time.


When a logo is already positioned, without a doubt, it becomes a historical piece of your company. Well, that does not mean that it should never change, on the contrary, you can make some improvements that allow it to adapt to current communication and design trends, without losing its DNA.

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