the past returns

Trends in fashion 2022 have winked at the year 2000

Since last winter, the specialized magazines were already announcing that this year they would include the fashion of the new millennium among their proposals. Yes, the windows of the main fashion capitals and the inspiration of multiple proposals once again look to the past.

On this occasion, the year 2000 has become the memory that returns with force to be dusted off in key garments, footwear and accessories for those who want a dose of eccentricity.

Brilliant accessories!

Close your eyes and remember the international pop singers who shone between 2000 and 2003; yes, crystals were in each of her accessories. Thus, jewelery and costume jewelery full of shine with combinations that include fabrics, acrylics and even plastic can be seen in large sizes.

And the pants?

Fortunately, jeans are still found in multiple styles. Although the tightest ones are beginning to lose followers and oversize garments are gaining ground, three key ones stand out that take us back to the year 2000: high-waisted, washed-out pants and even with military prints.

The most comfortable

Endless platforms that remind us of the style of the Spice Girls or any voice from the late 90s have been all the rage for a couple of years. In this 2022, the height of the shoes translates into sneakers and tennis shoes that can be seen in urban fashion with determination: white models, wide pieces, round toes and even boot shapes.

the shortest

They have an imminent return, although they never really disappeared. This year, miniskirts (in their shorter version and even at the hip) are appearing in multiple looks: with prints, in full color, with textures and various colors, from the most pastel to those given to denim.

Do you dare to take them? Get ready because 20 years later, each of these garments continue to excite.
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