Marketing: Ally of fashion

About the Day of the Mercadólogo, know 4 recommendations that will boost your company.

On May 19, figures who are specialists in marketing, a branch that drives multiple industries, are celebrated in different nations. Fashion, of course, is one of them.

Therefore, on the day of the marketer, today we provide some recommendations that we are sure will boost your business. Get to know them and apply them!

  • Identify your customer and your competition

Have you ever wondered who your client is and who your competition turns out to be? You cannot (and should not) sell to everyone. The more identified you are with your market segment, the better strategies you can develop to improve your product as well as increase your sales.

The same goes for the competition. What does it do well that you could improve? Identifying their strengths and yours will place you in a better business scenario.

  • Give identity and personality to your brand

In addition to the graphic design and the logo that accompanies your company, we suggest you identify those elements that make your product different. What is the style of your brand? What personality does it have?

Depending on the product you sell and, of course, the market you are targeting, your signature can be fun, elegant, serious, and even corporate.

  • Bet on digital marketing

Today, combining promotion and marketing strategies with digital tools is practically mandatory. The presence of your brand on the Internet, particularly on platforms such as social networks, as well as in content that places you in the main search engine results, is vital to stay current and reach more buyers who are looking for your products.

  • Generate databases

Perhaps one of the most important recommendations. As time passes and your brand strengthens, having a solid database of your customers will open the way to new opportunities for interaction with them.

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