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Swarovski: crystals that take over fashion, window dressing and shows.

From the seventh art to the most striking garments to the most brilliant accessories, these crystals have been a real rage for decades. Today we review some aspects of Swarovski that caught our hearts.

movie fantasy 

On several occasions, this international firm has been called upon to decorate the wardrobe of film deliveries. One of the most outstanding was the live action of Cinderella (2015), directed by the British Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James. Swarovski created the iconic sneaker and added more than 1.7 million crystals for various outfits, with the blue dress being the most prominent of all. 

On stage

Remember Bad Bunny at the 2020 Super Bowl? Yes, the rabbit wore a coat that had more than 13,000 Swarovski crystals; In the same presentation, Shakira wore a pair of red boots that used 30,000 units of these crystals. Another example? The Spice Girls added more than 1 million pieces in their outfits for the 2019 Spice World tour, under the coordination of the renowned British designer Gabriella Slade.

brand experience

Since 2019 and counting. The brand has opened various points of sale under the Crystal Studio concept in different parts of the world; This translates into an innovative space that is characterized by interaction, digital technology, modular cabinets and an exhibition that is as bright as it is warm. The concept is already in Mexico.

Did you know…

The firm was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski in Austria.

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