Limited editions?

A commercial strategy that can give you prestige and clients with greater purchasing power.

Fashion is a very broad industry. The companies that belong to it serve different market segments, therefore, it is essential to ask what the customer wants, what are their aspirations and what is the relationship with respect to the price-value of a product.

That said, there is an emerging market that -particularly- seeks exclusivity.

If your company is focused on a luxury market or if it intends to position itself in that niche, we have a recommendation for you: the launch of limited editions .

What is it about? Well, it is the generation of clothing, accessories, footwear or any product related to the fashion sector that has a lower number of reproductions. In other words, more “limited” series of products, which makes them appealing to those who want practically unique pieces.

Sometimes buyers can have an emotional connection with brands, so a limited edition production will be more than special for them.

If different elements such as alternative packaging, product description, certificates of authenticity or even part number are added to the above, the possibilities of increasing the price and its acceptance by consumers who want this dynamic are greater.

In addition, generating limited edition products can not only allow the benefit of attracting customers with more capital, it can also give brands greater prestige, representativeness and inspirational communication elements.

Another purpose that can be attributed to fashion products with these characteristics is the celebration of an important date for the brand: anniversary editions or a specific season.

Finally, another point that cannot go unnoticed is the impact that limited editions have -in some cases- with captive customers.

The launch of such a product under a specific time, sometimes, generates a sense of immediate purchase that leads buyers to purchase the product as soon as possible for fear of losing it.

You already know, if you consider that within your spectrum of clients there are potential buyers of this type of product, it is time to identify them and think about what will be your next object of desire for the fashion industry.

The invitation is made, dare.

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