A relevant topic for designers, businessmen and fashion manufacturers. This is how the expert explains it, Linda Franco.

Intermoda 74, held last January at Expo Guadalajara, brought together different experts from the fashion industry through the IM Talks program. Linda Franco, was one of them.

Founder of the Machina startup, this specialist offered the topic “Circular Economy” as a digital speaker. The main message? In his words, the responsibility that designers, businessmen and manufacturers have as well as the impact they generate from their different areas.

In an interview for Intermoda, Franco explained that the circular economy is an attractive alternative that seeks to redefine what growth is, with an emphasis on benefits for all of society.

“This implies disassociating economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and eliminating waste from the system by design. The circular model creates economic, natural and social capital and is based on three principles: Eliminate waste and pollution from design, keep products and materials in use, as well as regenerate natural systems”, he shares.

On the other hand, for those who want to have a sustainable business within the fashion industry, Linda Franco recommends thinking about the use of current materials and with that, implementing new production processes to eventually make changes throughout the entire chain until reach the hands of the consumer.

“Once you understand the destruction that is occurring, unless you do something to change it, even if you never intended to cause such destruction, you engage in a strategy of tragedy. You can continue to participate in that tragedy strategy, or you can design and implement a change strategy,” he explains.

About IM Talks and Intermoda 74

Without a doubt it is an original format, for me contact with people and their respective interaction is very important. The organization that Intermoda had was impeccable to carry out the security of an event of this caliber”, he points out.

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