Powerful duo: fashion and tourism.

 These sectors combine to achieve a great impact around the world

Fashion is an industry that attracts the gaze of multiple people. Perhaps for this reason, there are so-called fashion capitals: London, Paris, Milan or New York. The governments of these cities know it and have made this industry a reason that strengthens their tourism.

And it is that these two sectors complement each other.

Fashion permeates these metropolises thanks to its well-known fashion weeks: parades, models, photo sessions or luxury stores shine on the main avenues, drawing the attention of the specialized press and generating echoes worldwide.

This projection generates an indisputable value chain called the meetings industry. Hotel nights, transportation and transfers, consumption in restaurants, sponsorships, editorial work, journalistic coverage, advertising guidelines, visits to emblematic sites of each place and, of course, activations in social media.

Yes, fashion and tourism are a powerful duo. In other words, they generate a forceful economic recovery.

And in Mexico?

Our country is not far behind. Consolidated events such as Intermoda are a benchmark for the fashion industry throughout Latin America and an absolute showcase for the creativity that exists in the industry.

Exhibiting or buying on this platform not only represents the realization of great business, but also an endless value chain for tourism in Jalisco and all of Mexico:

From specialized buyers who travel from different parts of the country or the world by land or air, to a series of headquarters hotels that are distributed in key points of the ZMG, going through alliances with places that represent true gastronomic, sensory and tourist experiences, as well as as a window to the designers who uphold the name of Mexico.

On World Tourism Day, we celebrate the union and impact of these two industries.

Get ready!

Intermoda 76 will take place from January 18 to 21, 2022. The activities program will be coming soon!

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