Where to market fashion design?

The Intermoda Trending Pavilion is the ideal space for designers looking for a forceful sales platform. We tell you the reason.

Fashion designers in Mexico face various challenges. Among the most common are the low costs of international fast fashion chains, the competition that exists in the market, the financial viability for the production of their products, the positioning of garments with a low design sense, etc.

Given this scenario that poses multiple challenges for creatives in this industry, there are also opportunities that can make a difference in a designer's commercial scheme. Intermoda, is one of them.

The largest fashion business exhibition in Latin America, it has a pavilion that brings together design brands and attracts the attention of a broad value chain. It's all about Trending.

This pavilion, one of the many Intermoda spaces, is visited by a very specific profile of profiles that can become the clients of the designers as well as the trigger that promotes their brands: specialized boutiques, concept stores, wholesale buyers, lovers of fashion and specialized press.

Unlike the other Intermoda pavilions, Trending has a call. Interested parties must meet one of the following three profiles:

Designers IM

  • Have a registered trademark that is between 2 and 10 years old
  • Innovative and commercially grounded proposal.
  • Have a collection of at least 12 garments.
  • Ability to play 3 to 5 times your collection monthly.
  • Count on RFC.

 IM collectives

  • Association registered with antiquity of 5 years.
  • Minimum 4 brands, maximum 6 with innovative design proposals.
  • Each designer must have a collection of at least 12 garments.
  • Count on RFC.

Premium IM

  • Consolidated designer firms in the market. Your participation has a prior invitation from Intermoda.

Participate in Trending!

If your project has any of these characteristics, it is time to promote it through this space. Trending could be the great opportunity that your brand was waiting for, within a fashion business exhibition with 37 years of success: Intermoda.

We invite you to consult the call here.

Any questions, contact us. We will be happy to assist you:

trending@intermoda.com.mx / Tel. (33) 3122. 4499 Ext.225

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