international design day

A date to celebrate a key aspect for the fashion industry.

Since 1995 and counting. April 27 is a day to commemorate -worldwide- this discipline and since 2021, the celebration has been named International Design Day.

The intention of this movement is to reflect on the importance that design has for humanity. Through it, people find not only aesthetic questions, but answers to specific needs and functions to improve our daily lives.

Design is present in every aspect that surrounds us.

Fashion, of course, is not far behind and finds in design the way to transform textiles as well as various materials into true creations that dress us and help express our identity.

It is through design that stories become garments under all styles and objectives; fashion could not exist without design and through it, it has captivated since unimaginable times. Yes, we are sure that it will continue to do so.

A little history

Although since recent years design in all its manifestations has been celebrated every April 27, this commemoration dates back to 1995. It was on that date that the International Design Council, a world organization founded in 1963 in the city of London, decided to celebrate the first world day and at the time, the graphic approach had more weight.

Fashion, like other sectors, have joined this celebration over the years to extol the work of designers and their impact on a broad value chain.





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