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Fashion and music are an inseparable pair. Meet the designers who have dazzled through the divas of pop. 

These two creative universes have inspired each other since unimaginable times; Both the way we dress and the music that is created (and consumed) are a reflection of our reality or dreams.

For this reason, today we turn our attention to designers who -since different eras- have dressed big stars with a flavor of pop to achieve practically iconic outfits.

Alexander McQueen (United Kingdom, 1969-2010).

He was one of the most popular in the media and throughout his career he dazzled dressing multiple celebrities as well as international personalities. In her last stage, Lady Gaga was a key figure in reaching a mass audience: the singer chose one of her fashion shows to premiere "Bad Romance", a hit single whose video also included a highly recognizable style with all the power of McQueen.

Jean-Paul Gaultier (France, 1952).

Talking about this French dressmaker is also talking about Madonna in popular culture. The reason? It is impossible to forget the dumbbell that during the wonderful 90s, the two starred. A corset designed for the “Blond ambition world tour” in bright pink and sharp cups that took the breath away of all the fans of the queen of pop.

Roberto Cavalli (Italy, 1940)

Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry and a long list of celebrities have dressed under the Italian firm. One of the most pop moments of his career came in 2007 with the opportunity to dress the British fab five, Spice Girls in their reunion. What would they look like 10 years after their separation? Only Cavalli could achieve that reinterpretation.

Palomo Spain (Spain, 1992)

What has been done in Spain has made the singers who dominate the radio and all music platforms today shine. Dua Lipa and Rosalía themselves have opted for the contemporary creations of the young Spanish designer, Alejandro Gómez Palomo.  We will have to keep track.

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