Do you know the phygital trend?

Discover it in Fashion Space, the great exhibition of Intermoda 75.

The COVID-19 pandemic left a shower of changes in the way of marketing and communicating products. The fashion industry, like the rest of the sectors, was also reached and in the last year and a half, it put all its creativity to the test.

The solution? In addition to adhering to health security measures, the broad chain that integrates fashion began to innovate throughout the world and the digital route, strengthened like never before.

Thus, experts in the field began to talk about what is now known as phygital. What is it? Well, it could be defined as a trend that brings together the best of the physical world, combining with the digital spectrum to create a powerful experience.

The catwalks, for example, were "retaken" in this way. Although nothing will ever compare to the format that we had known in face-to-face productions until March 2020, with models and an army of talents in the same place (fashion coordinators, makeup artists, hairdressers, etc.), the phygital trend was placed as a temporary solution that still prevails.

How? The most important fashion weeks, as well as firms of all sizes, around the world, began to carry out "shows" through audiovisual materials that, although they appealed to a small number of people, also forgot about a list of guests and any crowd.

Although it sounds strange, the result has been innovative. Fashion films gained momentum, social media broadcasts became a forceful form of communication, designer/brand collections found a new way of presenting themselves, and the fashion industry became unstoppable through the screen of thousands or perhaps millions. of mobile devices.

Intermoda 75: Innovation returns

From July 20 to 23, this commercial meeting specialized in the fashion sector and the largest in Latin America, will present the third edition of Fashion Space.

It is a fashion exhibition, framed in the phygital trend, which has a high production where mannequins, sound design, music, projections and a controlled capacity meet, while the power of technology allows a live transmission to reach beyond the Mexican borders.

If you want to live this great phygital proposal as well as discover the unpublished collections of renowned designers and exclusive brands, register to obtain your badge here: https://bit.ly/38gQ8Mn

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