Know, listen and sell

The rules you must apply to attract, reach and keep your potential customers

The fashion industry is peculiar. Good service and the quality of the products are mandatory, therefore, you must characterize yourself by offering a true value proposition.

If you consider that you already have it, but your business has not yet achieved its main objectives, let's review the following points to help you meet each of them: 

1. Know your client

Within your business plan, you must identify who your potential market is. Really know their needs and ask yourself if your product is what they are looking for. You may be on the wrong path.

2. Out of ego

You are not your client. Regardless of whether you are a designer, a merchant or an industrialist, perhaps what you like or make you happy is not necessarily what the market is looking for or needs. Careful with that!

3. Listen and update

As we have emphasized, pay attention to your customer! Offer him what he really wants and needs; perhaps what you were selling 2 years ago is not relevant today. You must maintain communication with your clients and work team to update or improve your business proposal.

4. Define your purpose

Selling for the sake of selling will get you nowhere. Your company, whether it offers a specific fashion product or service, must connect with potential customers through a unique brand essence and identity. Ask yourself, what is your cause or company mantra? 

Much success!

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