How to recover clients?

Strategies to attract profitable buyers again.

Not all clients are for you. Although there are those who claim otherwise, the truth is that your business proposal must find the right potential buyers and offer them true value.

Regularly, company strategies are focused on continuing to attract new ones to gain market share, but what happens if we lose a customer? The answer is more complex than it seems, therefore, today we offer you some recommendations to recover it.

Take note…

  1. investigate

If possible, identify the reasons why that client decided to leave. Ask yourself if you can solve the problem or, if there is something within the functionality that you can modify to satisfy your need.

  1. Analyze

Delving into the customers who have deserted, will allow you to find useful information to make decisions. Of course, to improve your service, quality, design, value proposition, among other items that make up the machinery of your project.

  1. Offer benefits and care

Contact the missing customer. Do not try to win him back with sales language, perhaps a friendly greeting and a proposal for an award or consideration could be the first step to regain his attention.

  1. apologize and act

This point is thought of in those serious cases, where one of your collaborators or services caused a setback or relevant misfortune to your client. Acknowledging your mistake will be a first step. Immediately, you must remind him and demonstrate your strengths, as well as an action plan to correct the fault.

  1. Customer service: Speed ​​and personalization

The shopping experience is important, as is the follow-up after it. Your relationship with your buyers should be a circle that is completed with a quality service.

Remember that speed is a relevant factor today and if possible, personalization or a unique sense of service can make the difference so that your client is recognized as someone special for your company.


These are just some of the suggestions that you can put into practice. If you are an Intermoda exhibitor, remember that the 77th edition will take place from July 12 to 15 , so it is time to establish contact with your potential buyers, current ones and, of course, those you want to resume. Much success!

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