Chains: brilliant business

A jewel that does not go out of style, on the contrary, lives an exciting fury this 2022

Within the universe of fashion, the jewelry sector has multiple options for those who do business with it and for lovers of its style.

One of the pieces that has been successfully positioned in the market for a couple of seasons ago and will be present -without fear of being wrong- during the next year, is the chain.

Although this accessory has always been manufactured in millions of pieces and will continue to do so, it has experienced an interesting rage in recent months and has been presented under a twist that makes it more fun in the most daring looks:

maxi chains

The biggest possible. These are the chains at their largest, some are presented as maxi necklaces that can reach the waist, while others look spectacular from the high and thin necks.

multiple materials

The chains can be found in silver and gold, in their different thicknesses and manufacturing techniques. However, those who want a more casual look can also show them off in acrylic, resins, recycled materials and even blown glass... you'll be surprised how light they are!

The alphabet has arrived

The initials of your name or even some words with great meaning can be found on the jewelry. The chains now include them as a pendant. The differentiation? On this occasion, the letters must be very large.

chains everywhere

In earrings, bracelets and even rings or pins, the chain is present as a complementary element.

In conclusion? Show them off and market them calmly, the chains are more fashionable than ever and in all their possible forms.

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