Fashion Compass: From Japan to UK

Stylish neighborhoods, alternative shops, luxury boutiques and even vintage garments in different iconic fashion destinations.

Fashion allows us to express ourselves. Through the clothes we can also say who we are, what we like, what we believe in, etc. In addition to the world trends that we find in the most recurring sideboards, there are also proposals for those looking for a more unique look.

Today we celebrate that diversity of options and place the magnifying glass on some of the neighborhoods or quadrants that -from different parts of the world- exude multiple styles. Have a good trip!


Tokyo is exciting. One of its most famous neighborhoods is Akihabara; With a strong commercial proposition in electronic themes, this destination has also gained international recognition for being an epicenter of otaku culture.
Neon lights and stores with alternative clothing, clothing inspired by the world of anime, as well as costumes, manage to attract the interest of thousands of tourists each holiday season.

Portobello Market

It is one of the busiest markets in London. It is located on Portobello Road, right in the heart of the Notting Hill neighborhood. Yes, in addition to houses built in another era and pastel colors on their facades, you will find points of sale for vintage clothing.
If a trip to the past is your thing, Portobello Market will offer you antiques and all kinds of clothing from unimaginable decades: bags, fur coats, trench coats, handbags, gloves and dream clothes.

Via Montenapoleone

Shopping has never been so magical. Imagine a street lined with Gucci, Armani, Prada, Louis Vuitton and many more. Yes, it exists in Milan under the name Via Montenapoleone.

Located just a few blocks from the Milan Cathedral, also known as the Milan Duomo, this street brings together luxury brands that are a true delight for the eyes thanks to their spectacular visual merchandising and retail design.
Safety pin!

What other neighborhoods dedicated to fashion do you know?
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