Authority or character?

One of the most emblematic women in international fashion

A highly recognizable look based on three aspects: a long bob, powerful glasses and of course, imposing coats. Yes, it is Anna Wintour, the emblematic representative of Vogue worldwide.

Born in London in the late 1940s, this woman has a solid track record on the fashion scene from an editorial perspective; At just 20 years old, she began her journey as a fashion journalist and since then, her career has included titles such as Harper's Baazar.

For decades, her position as editor of the American edition of Vogue has allowed her to be at the forefront of practically all the catwalks that achieve international relevance, visit fashion weeks again and again, and even inspire both novels and films.

Today, in addition to her role as editor, she also serves as global content director for Condé Nast, the editorial group behind Vogue magazine across the globe.

Yes, the above makes Anna Wintour a weighty name in the industry that has even been recognized as a Lady of the British Empire for her contributions to journalism in this industry; however, it is not surprising to anyone that his name is also linked to the understanding of a mysterious character, capable of arousing nervousness.

And it is that since Lauren Weisberger, who was his assistant, published the story The Devil Wears Prada in 2003, his name has been strengthened in popular culture by inspiring the personality of the main character. The novel was later brought to the big screen, starring actresses such as Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

The rest is history. Anna Wintour is an influential woman who has been able to connect the subject of fashion, industry and of course, the atmosphere of celebrities, with readers around the world.

Faced with the challenges faced by print editions, the digital environment has become a strong ally for Vogue. Yes, a historical magazine that -under his direction- refuses to disappear.

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