Build your ad campaign

We will review some of the aspects that make up this marketing exercise that will benefit your business.

What are the commercial objectives? Who is the target audience? What will be the channel to deliver your message? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before formulating an advertising campaign.

Let's review some of the most important things to consider:

  1. Product or service characteristics

Choose which are the fashion products or services within the industry that you want to publicize. It can be the launch of an entire collection, the arrival of a specific product or the service offered by your fashion company (from technical advice to design services, etc.).

Gather the competitive points, their technical characteristics, the price to the public and each of the details that your potential buyer should know.

  1. campaign objectives

As we said, this exercise can be for the launch of a product, service or collection, but it can also be for the positioning of your brand or even to gain or recover prestige. Beyond sales, ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with the campaign?

  1. target audience

Once the question in point two has been answered, it will be easier to identify who the public that the advertising campaign is pursuing is. Once you are clear about who that buyer person is, describe it: gender, age, geographic location, tastes, behaviors, etc. The above will help you get there.

  1. Message

Perhaps one of the most relevant moments for the campaign. The success of this effort will depend on its originality and simplicity; therefore, the message must be taken care of at all times.

You must provide it with a unique language: commercial, persuasive, innovative or even funny, the possibilities are endless.

Our suggestion is that you approach a professional communication or marketing team to polish it.

  1. output channels

These can be digital (the most recommended since you can measure them) or offline (regularly they belong to traditional media such as press, radio or television).

Much success!
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