New Year: more sales

On these dates, festive marketing will be a good ally for your company

The end of the year can be overwhelming when it comes to marketing. Advertisements everywhere, promotions on all digital platforms and saturation in general, therefore, you must bet on strategies that compete and above all, offer true value to your customers.

You and your team know them very well, from the products they are looking for to the promotions they really value, what they prefer and even what they don't. Taking this information into account, we offer you some suggestions that you can align with the preferences of your buyers in terms of festive marketing:


From an event designed for networking to an exclusive toast for your VIP buyers, activations can help you provide brand experiences that, although they are not intended for direct sales, are an investment in the short and medium term to generate loyalty to your firm or fashion project for the next year.

personalized messages

Continuing with this exclusivity, we suggest you bet on mailing. Through personalized emails, send a message that, in addition to good wishes, also offers some tangible benefit for your buyer: discount, promotion, easy payment or another strategy that works as a reward for their loyalty.

seasonal promotions

After the purchases and expenses in general at the end of the year, January is usually a complicated month. Our recommendation is that during December you announce unique promotions that will be valid starting or exclusively in January 2023, with this, you can guarantee higher sales at the start of the new year.

Graphic Communication

The physical point of sale, the branches, the social networks, your website and any communication platform related to your company, should be dressed with graphic elements in tune with the festivities of this season. That will give a warm touch to your project. If you have a promotion, special sale or product launch this month, announce it on all your channels.

important detail

Before the end of the year, don't forget to personally visit your closest and most important clients (yes, don't downplay the importance of others either). It is a good opportunity to give them (or send them by parcel) a 2023 agenda with the logo and colors of your company. It may sound like a cliché to you, but the truth is that beyond a useful product for whoever receives it, it is a strategy that will help you to be present every day of 2023 in the mind of your client.

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