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Intermoda joins UFI Latin America. Find out how it will benefit our exhibitors and buyers.

Innovation characterizes Intermoda and during 2020, it caught the world's attention by becoming the first face-to-face exhibition during the pandemic. This achievement caused different international organizations to approach its organizing committee, including UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry).

The first approach between Intermoda and said leading association in the meetings industry, happened through its Latin American chapter -directed by Ana María Arango-, through a webinar that allowed sharing more about the protocols and hybrid evolution that Intermoda implemented to give business viability to hundreds of companies during the pandemic period.

Recently, in October of this year, the affiliation of the most important fashion business exhibition in Latin America to UFI has been a reality. Elena Hurtado, CEO of Intermoda, explains the details:

“Belonging to UFI allows us to access information about other markets, to know what is the vision of entrepreneurs who are succeeding and why; We can also have access to data to make decisions and learn about other events at the organizing committee level to improve the experience of both our exhibitors and buyers.”

The CEO of Intermoda also shares that although during the high point of the pandemic there were those who assured that the physical events would not continue, belonging to UFI confirms that hybrid formats have been the key to the successful continuity of the exhibitions, being meetings of face-to-face businesses that involve technology and digital aspects to their experiences.

Elena Hurtado, CEO of Intermoda.

In addition to this innovation, Elena Hurtado accentuates a new trend that permeates strongly among the various organizing committees around the world:

“80% of the actors that participate in these events are turning to see sustainability; It is no longer just about holding the exhibitions, but asking ourselves what legacy we are leaving (…) we can begin to raise awareness”.

Undoubtedly, the closeness between UFI and Intermoda will allow obtaining knowledge, training and powerful information to achieve new objectives. Congratulations.

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