Suppliers Area

At Intermoda we have an area that is especially dedicated to suppliers. Those who work in the manufacture of fashion items and visit this section will find all the necessary materials to make their garments, compare prices, quality, colors, etc., all in one place. There is a stunning variety of items.

The stands are full of fashion from beginning to end. You can find Mexican fabrics suppliers, such as the Brito Company, a Puebla-based firm that is dedicated to the creation of organic bamboo and cotton fabrics. Additionally, there are also foreign fabric manufacturers that come from China, the U.S., and even precious fabrics with amazing prints that are produced in Mali, Africa.

Those who look to build a company, expand it, or implement new technologies, will find high-tech machinery distributors. Pattern-software, sewing machines, embroiderers, printers, laser cutting machines, and equipment to sublimate, among other things.

Zippers, buttons, studs, crystals, threads, and so on, are all important to make stylish and original garments, and at the supplier’s area, options abound. For those who are in the final processes of commercialization, there is a wide range of packaging, paper, and plastic bag producers, personalized garment covers, labels, etc. to give even more character and identity to the brand, considering that all of these can be custom-made to the particular taste of the client, in addition to having the opportunity to receive orientation so that the client ends up satisfied with the results.

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