TrendingIM: not just another runway.

We can bluntly say it: TrendingIM has become a powerful showcase for all of our new talents; this platform was built for designers who are looking for a stage to showcase their talents, for them to be appreciated and displayed as they should be.

The importance of TrendingIM lies in showcasing new and unique products, the pieces that we don’t commonly see in stores, and giving companies the opportunity to be seen as developing brands that are full of potential. Manov showed us the rocker and irreverent side (, Prisma reminded us that the most important trend for this Fall-Winter is sports (, and Malamada and their digital prints consolidated such trend in the local market  (

Something that is particularly important about TrendingIM is that we not only promote clothing designers, but also those who create accessories and shoes. Brands such as Baradó( Vintage Brand( Limited Brand( among many others, were able to be on the biggest fashion stage in the city for a few moments.

TrendingIM surely helped designer begin paving their path to success, but withoutt even thinking about it, the talent that each of these brands showcase will pave itself a path to success. And now let’s wait and see how the next generation of talent seizes the opportunity to become major brands in this competitive world of fashion.

Julio 2020

  • 14 Martes
  • 15 Miércoles
  • 16 Jueves
  • 17 Viernes
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