Trend Setters, -Colección Mexico, inspired by Acapulco- P/V 2015

From Mexico with Love. Acapulco in the state of Guerrero. “The Warrior”

Acapulco makes us remember and rediscover the life lessons that help us eliminate stress and escape monotony, while visiting and admiring the landmarks and hotels that have seen the history of this city unfold.

The city has exceptional spots, you can find great fashion, arts and crafts, and also appreciate the local cuisine and gourmet products that are manufactured with local ingredients, such as coffee.

Everything transmits a message, it takes us to a different reality that serves as the inspiration for all the designers who participated in this collection.

We encourage you to feel the apparel, taste the flavors, listen to the music and the ocean, smell the aromas, admire the jewelry, and appreciate the crafts.

About Colección Mexico

Colección Mexico is a body of brands, designers, and establishments, each of them with a signature brand and identity.

It is the combination of efforts from industry members, designers, craftsmen, business people, private institutions, and federal government entities. These efforts are coordinated by Aztex Trading and trading companies based in France and the United States.

Colección Mexico is made up of several complementary products, such as clothing, accessories, gourmet products, beverages and travel destinations, which cover all the aspects of fashion in the form of a comprehensive lifestyle.

This collection was also presented last year at “Who’s Next” in Paris from July 4-7.


Karina Castañeda
Sergio Alcalá
Galo Bertini
Alan Zepeda
Luca Mobio
Punto Nero
Maria Sarrelangue
Lydia Lavin
Reina Diaz
Santa Rosa
Brito Textil


Mauricio Serrano
Shuvi Luna

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