Panel 12: incubating fashion business.

This new tool is designed to accelerate the growth and success of fashion industry projects.

Nowadays it is inevitable to look for tools to develop a self-sustaining business plan, as this industry has suffered a number of changes in the last few years that has forced it to restructure itself within the world economies, and not only in the areas of capital and labor, since today creativity is recognized as a raw material.

In response to this, the interested parties have developed in new economic scenarios which, due to the processes of globalization, new technologies, and communication models, have generated an ideal environment for the emergence of new companies.

One of the incentives took place in 2013, with the National Institute of Entrepreneurs (INADEM, in its initials in Spanish), a branch of the Ministry of Economy, whose main purpose is to coordinate national policies that give support to entrepreneurs for the development of micro- and small-companies.

Along with this, and for almost three decades, the Tecnológico de Monterrey University has stood out for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit amongst their student community and academic faculty, by continuously strengthening the support that allows entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and make them a reality, achieving this through the creation of 95 enterprise incubators in the country, which support students, parents, graduates, academic and administrative staff, and the general public alike.

Another incentive comes through the PROGINNT incubator (Technology Innovation and Management Program) of ITESO, whose mission is to contribute to the creation of wealth while fighting against unemployment via the incubation of technology-based enterprises under a collaboration agreement between the university, the industry, and government support entities, as well as promoting the development of skills for the undertaking of new technology business for the new generations.

In this coming edition, IM Intermoda has created a forum called Panel 12, with the objective of  stimulating and preparing anyone interested in starting, growing, and formalizing their fashion business.

Holie B., a story of success

She has seduced the sun and conquered the sand; she is María José Castro, designer, entrepreneur, and owner of the brand Holie B, specializing in beachwear for women.

Born in Zapopan, Jalisco, at age 32, she plays in the big leagues of the clothing industry. In 2015 she will celebrate her 10th anniversary as a designer, which is a result of a constant dedication to her project, or as she likes to say: “Stubbornly moving ahead”. Her story came to life when she won the first prize in Jalisco’s COPARMEX Award for Entrepreneurs. “We got an investment, a seed capital to start and produce more”, explained the entrepreneur, who is also a graduate in Fashion Design from Unico.

Her idea to design swimsuits emerged before going to fashion school, when she got into surfing. “I started to wear a lot of swimsuits, and I realized that there wasn’t enough supply in Mexico, and that’s why I thought about producing them. Ever since I started studying fashion design I wanted to make beachwear, and when I got my degree, I had the option of studying business administration, in which of course I had to create a business plan. Instead of doing it about a fictitious business, I convinced my teammate to make it about Holie B; I started to sell as I was finishing my degree; I did product testing, I sewed my first swimming-suits, and I sold them at school, which helped me to start growing little by little”, Castro commented.

For María José, the idea was always very clear, she didn’t know how much time it was going to take, but she always saw it as a business. “I didn’t want to envision myself merely as a designer in a studio, I always thought of it as a brand, a business that could support me, my work, and even create new jobs”.

Currently, Holie B has both a national as well as an online prsence ( It also exports to Nicaragua and China – where it is a registered brand – and it is going through the registration process in the United States, ready to be exported. “Every time we think about starting a business, the easiest excuse is “I have no money”, or “How would I be able to do it?” but when you remove that obstacle from your mind, you find yourself with no idea of where to start, and that’s when an incubator comes in handy. If your idea is good, you will surely find someone who gives you the money, so don’t see it as an obstacle”, says Maho, as she is affectionately called.

The entrepreneur has stood out for offering quality in each and every garment. “I pay careful attention to the fit of the bathing-suit, I like it to perfectly fit, and it has to go accordingly with the Mexican body-type which, incidentally, has worked out for French and American women as well. We have worked hard at it, obviously quality is of uttermost importance, and as for the design, I look for something commercial, but that also has details that make it different, such as a bow, a lace, a color combination, or something that gives it an identity.

When asked for a piece of advice for people who are interested in making their dreams come true, she answers bluntly: “Don’t think about it too much, while you are trying to decide whether to do it or not, there are people who are already actively doing it”.

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