Mauro Babún

“A room of our own”

On the night of January 14th, as part of the activities of Intermoda, Mauro Babún showcased his collection. It included irregular and unstructured garments with a fusion of shapes and silhouettes that reminded us of the beginning of last century, although bearing a contemporary touch. We were able to see very comfortable organic and geometric silhouettes and loose creations in which the “oversize” trend was included.

The color palette for this season includes a wide variety of pastel shades such as cream yellow, mint green, and peach, while indigo blue and black are the contrasting sides. “A room of our own” is the name of the collection we made for Kimex, in which we tried to represent Virginia Woolf’s work and ideology, as well as the presence of women in art and literature”, explains Mauro. “I tried to capture the need of women of that time to be taken into account and express themselves through politics and art, just as Woolf did; the overall tone is feminine as well as feminist”, he added.

Julio 2020

  • 14 Martes
  • 15 Miércoles
  • 16 Jueves
  • 17 Viernes
9 hrs - 20 hrs 9 hrs - 17 hrs